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Plow – LUCUS


Plow is a digital, learning-based game for primary school pupils.
Through a game-oriented universe, the pupil takes on the role of a farmer, the objective is to get his production to thrive – considering both financial and ethical dilemmas.


The game’s overall objective is to aid pupils in elementary school to have a greater understanding of the choices they make as consumers and the choices farmers take as a food producer, not only has implications for a wide range of socio-economic and environmental conditions, but also for the individual farmer’s daily life.



The game is based on “resource management” and it is basically designed as a simplistic simulation of what happens when you take decisions in relation to one’s food. The game takes place in seasons corresponding to the four seasons of the year. Each season offers new challenges and opportunities, as they have a natural impact on food production. We set up dilemmas for the students by emphasizing that all resources are important, but only the one who has the most money wins. This will at some point tempt the pupils to take an immoral choice, because the focus ultimately is on maximum profit. In this way, we hope to draw attention to food manufacturers personal situation vis a vis society’s expectations that they hold the moral high banner.



Plow is rooted in a recognition that Danish children no longer have much contact with nature. As researcher in health education at Aarhus University Karen Wistoft says: “Many children today has no relation to nature in general. They might think that chickens are coming from the freezer, and they may not know the difference between a beetroot and parsnip or an oak tree and a fir tree. It is so significant that international researchers talk about that children today are suffering from nature deficit disorder. ” In other words, we are dealing with an increase in the distance between children and the nature they rely on to sustain life on our planet. And this despite the fact that Denmark is an old agricultural society.

Når alle eleverne er tilmeldt kan læreren starte spillet.