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Running in time – LUCUS


Running in Time is a combination of a running app, a history book, and an educational game, where the student via a smartphone can listen to and interact with important periods in Danish history – but only if he/she keeps in constant motion (walking, jogging, or running).



Running in Time is a digital educational tool that can be used to meet the school reform’s requirement that pupils must have an average of 45 minutes of sports, exercise, and movement during school hours.



Running in Time includes four stories and a teacher app, in which the teacher can analyse students’ choices and physical activity. The included stories convey the following topics: the Copenhagen Bombardment, the Jewish Action 1943 and the Maastricht / Edinburgh Agreement. A story basically has two to three chapters of approx. 15 minutes duration each. ‘Running in Time’ has been developed in collaboration with the Danish Film Institute.