We focus on the intersection between games, movement and learning.

We create our own game concepts and develop tailor-made ​​apps for our customers.

We are working on "Soil" with funding from DFI and The Danish Ministry of Education. "Soil" is an educational game about agriculture and food production.

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What happens if the student directs his work towards other students instead of the teacher? Find out with our detective game for the english education in the Danish public school.

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Waterbugs (lakes)
In 2012 we made an app for measuring water quality in streams, now you can also measure the quality in lakes. Waterbugs was presented at the Science fair in Copenhagen.

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Science Theatre
We have made a very exciting and important project with both artists and scientists is all about providing the latest knowledge about health for high school students.

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Let's make your app!
We develop games as well as apps. We have experience from many projects, and can contribute to all parts of the process - from idea and concept to design and marketing.

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