We develop our own game concepts. We also use the experience gained and the accumulated skills to make our other apps enjoyable and intuitive to use.

Exercise & GPS

Smartphones and tablets are portable, have built-in sensors, and can be used outdoors. This allows us to track activity so we can think communication in a new and active way.


Tablets are perfect for communicating and teaching. We create educational games and apps that use the Tablet's unique features for active and engaging communication.

Design & Craft

As game designers, we take design seriously. Tasteful design is important for one to want to interact with an app. Our products are intuitive, fun and easy to use.

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you need consultation on your project, or you would like to run an idea by us, contact us and we will set up a meeting.
We have a charming office in the centre of Copenhagen:
Address: Kompagnistræde 16, 3rd floor • DK-1208 • Copenhagen

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Phone: +45 32 20 32 20